The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK is the solidarity and development cooperation organization of Finnish trade unions.

SASK is the development cooperation organisation of the Finnish trade union movement. Our aim is to promote decent work and living wages for everyone. We support the reduction of poverty and inequality by strengthening the trade union movement and the position of workers in developing countries.

With decent work, we mean that people should have access to regulated, safe and healthy work which guarantees a living wage or sufficient livelihood. As far as the core labour standards are concerned we refer to ILO.

ILO Core Labour Standards include (1) freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, (2) elimination of forced labour, (3) effective abolition of child labour and (4) elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.

Where we work

SASK has dozens of development cooperation projects in

  • South and Southeast Asia
  • Southern Africa
  • Latin America.

Our partners are usually Global Union Federations and trade unions.

How we work

SASK supports the UN sustainable development goals of eliminating absolute poverty and reducing relative poverty globally. Relative poverty can be reduced through collective agreements and social policies that enable the working population to gain their share of national development and wealth. Poverty and inequality are also reduced by promoting social inclusion and increasing people’s opportunities to take an active part in social processes.

Trade unionism is a sustainable tool for improving the opportunities of the working population to influence social policies and to reduce inequality. That is why SASK works with the trade union movement and research and training organisations that support its goals.

SASK was founded by the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions SAK and its affiliated unions in 1986. Since then, SASK has become a widely representative solidarity body of the Finnish trade union movement with two central organisations and 36 national federations as affiliated members.

Need our logo?

You can download SASK logos here. A zip file contains logos in different formats.

Contact us

Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK
Address: Hämeentie 19 A, 00500 Helsinki, Finland

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Janne Ronkainen
Executive Director
+358 40 776 8557

International operations

Juha Vauhkonen
Head of International Operations
Labour Rights
ILO Conventions
+358 45 139 7119

Tarja Valtonen
International Operations Specialist
Gender equality
+358 40 541 0107

Anna Perttula
International Operations Specialist
Just Transition
+358 40 541 6155

Camilla Lohenoja
International Operations Specialist
Digitalisation and New Forms of Work
+358 45 206 6840

Milla Leppänen
Digitisation Project
+358 50 4839984 

Regional Representatives

Simião Simbine
Regional Representative, Africa
Maputo, Mozambique
+258 82 3008534

Rua da Imprensa, 256 – Sobrelojano 5, Predio 33 andares Maputo, Moçambique

Manoranjan Pegu
Regional Representative, South Asia
New Delhi, India
+91 8800 492125

Patricio Sambonino Rivera
Regional Representative, Latin America
Quito, Ecuador
+593 9974 74408

Farizan Fajari
Regional Representative, Southeast Asia
Jakarta, Indonesia 


Tarja Rauanheimo
Head of Administration
+358 400 403 502

Kirsi Salminen
Bookkeeping and payments
+358 40 5412 934

Minna Hokkanen
HR and Administrative Officer
+358 40 510 8938

Domestic operations

Ellinoora Vesala
Head of Domestic Operations
+358 50 461 9307

Laura Ventä
Communications Manager
+358 44 024 1275

Roosa Rusanen
Volunteer Specialist
+358 50 366 8123

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Qué es SASK?

El Centro de Solidaridad Sindical de Finlandia SASK es una organización de cooperación para el desarrollo y solidaridad del movimiento sindical finlandés.

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