• For humanity

    Trade union movement plays an important role in the promotion of socially sustainable development.

  • SASK

    The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland is the development cooperation and solidarity organisation of the Finnish trade union movement.

What is SASK?

The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK is the solidarity and development cooperation organization of Finnish trade unions.

SASK has several dozens of development cooperation projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Approximately 1,7 million Finns belong to SASK through their trade unions.

SASK was founded by the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions and its affiliated unions in the end of the year 1986. Since then, SASK has become a widely representative solidarity body of the Finnish trade union movement with two central organisations and 35 national federations as affiliated members.

As a part of the Finnish and international trade union movement the function of SASK is to strengthen trade unions in every corner of the world.

We strive to put an end to exploiting cheap labour and child labour abuse. Improving dangerous working conditions is also at the core of our work. Our partners are Global Union Federations, other solidarity support organizations and trade unions in the South.

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